Sunday, December 5, 2010

Model Senators

I've been listening to the Don't Ask Don't Tell hearings on C-SPAN.  I was impressed with the spirit of honor and pride shown by all the military officials giving testimony.  Basically, the consensus of our military is that implementing the repeal of DADT can and will be done, with little disruption of the military.

John McCain, who appears to grow crazier by the day, was the one holdout of the committee members, grabbing onto the few statements indicating support of not repealing the policy at this time, even though there was agreement that it would be repealed with little fanfare at some future time.

McCain is an angry man, the more impotent he becomes, the angrier he gets, and I'm not talking about his sex life, because he has excellent, government provided health care.  It amazes me that he continues to get reelected, although he is from Arizona, and I believe he ran on the same ticket as Jan Brewer, the Crazy Hate Ticket.  It was an ideal match:  paranoid delusions of headless Mexicans crossing the border with drugs hidden in unmentionable places, which must have excited McCain's homophobic fantasies.

I wonder what it must feel like to be John McCain, hearing your old words played back to back with your new words every day.  I imagine the need for rigid denial must be great, so that it has become ever easier to ignore reality in order to appease his crazy voices.

I could go on forever, but that would be mean and pointless.  The point is, however, that a crazy and mean person, with fragile psychological defenses, has the power to prevent our government from functioning.  He has the power to make our legislators waste valuable time and resources on debating whether we should maintain a ban on gays in the military that other civilized countries have long abandoned.

In short, he has caused our military to suffer through painful ambiguity that could easily and professionally be resolved, with a stronger military as a result.

So, as I listened to each member of the military brass, in turn, state that they are positive that they could effect the transformation to including gays in the military with little negative effect, and in fact that our servicemen and women would act honorably and professionally, I had two reactions.

I was filled with pride, and

I wished it were possible to allow these men to serve as adjunct members of the Senate, where they could model grown-up behavior to our current legislators.

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