Monday, December 6, 2010

Okay, Then, Let's Make a Deal

I am discouraged that we are allowing corporations and Wall Street bankers to dictate the debate on tax cuts.  But as long as our elected representatives are going sing a song of tax cuts for the wealthy, and pretend that they even believe our civilization would crash without them, it is time to put some conditions on the tax cuts.

We have been hearing about how tax cuts for the wealthy are what is needed to create jobs; I have heard some brave souls asking, "If that is true, why have we not had job growth over the past ten years?"  And then I hear the echo of nobody answering.  And the media ignoring the question.  And worst of all, I don't hear our President taking up this important question.

I believe jobs have been held hostage pretty much since the 2006 Democratic Congress; the trend had been going on over the years since Reaganomics and downsizing, when profit became more important than quality, jobs, and even the survival of the company.  And the country allowed capitalism to become a beast where profit was the only motive, and ethics were irrelevant.  The government sold out to those who claimed deregulation was the key to the economy.  And tax cuts were the only thing that would create growth.  And when the Democrats came into power, and the beast felt threatened, it brought our economy to a standstill, hoarding its gold and intimidating our elected leaders with its power.

Aren't we all gullible?  We Democrats, from the President on down, have all been cowing under the Republican flag of tax cuts, when it has been proven, dramatically, that continuing to feed the beast just makes it hungrier.

The voters, terrified of losing jobs and savings, have been afraid to see the obvious.  Major media outlets representing large corporations make certain that their reporting does not wander into confrontational or controversial territory.  Our Congress mostly does what it's told; they aren't the bad guys, they are the puppets of the bad guys.  And our Supreme Court has also sold out, allowing corporations even greater control with absolutely no responsibility.

So I believe that this deal that is going down should have some contingencies, just as did the auto bailout.  Jobs need to be proof, in two years, that the tax cuts are working, and under no condition will they be renewed in two years (another election cycle) unless there are jobs and economic improvement to show for them.  It is time that the wealthy were given something other than free reign and ownership of our government.  It is time that we all start expecting something back for the wealth they owe to this country, the people and the government.

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