Saturday, December 4, 2010

That's the Spirit

Joseph Shamie, CEO of Delta Children's Products, was quoted on Friday's NBC Nightly News:  "In order for Delta to start hiring, we need to know where our taxes are going, where health care is going."

As he owns a relatively small family business, I would have liked to ask him in which direction he was hoping to see taxes and health care going.  Sadly, this was left out.  Until I did a little research at Reference USA I assumed this was some big businessman rooting for tax cuts and the death of the health care legislation.  Now I am thinking that either he is misguided and assume he doesn't know that tax cuts would apply to him as a small business owner, and that health care legislation would benefit him, or he is in fact rooting for Democratic tax cut legislation to pass as well as preservation of the health care legislation.

Again, what is doing in the Democrats appears to be misinformation, inadequate information and  poor reporting.

I have no doubt that big corporate interests are refusing to hire because, a) it increases profit, and b) it holds the U.S. Government hostage by so doing.

The more I hear Boehner and McConnell and the members of their chorus in Congress, the more rote and unconvincing sound the words.  Tax cuts for the wealthy make no sense.  While most in Congress would gain considerably from an extension of these cuts, I believe they are more controlled by threats from Big Business than by the dollars they themselves will enjoy from the extension.

Business controls us in ways we can't even imagine, although it would be to our best interest to try to understand the behind-the-scenes manuevers.  For wealth, Ken Lay knowingly ran Enron into the ground, the Wall Street bankers gambled on the US economy, and big food conglomerates are willing to risk the safety of the American people.  And every day our Congressmen and women are meeting and greeting the leaders of industry and their lobbyists, and being told in no uncertain terms that it will bode ill for them and our country if they do not tow the line on tax cuts, as well as relief for the middle class.

We need to recognize that the welfare of this country is being decided in board rooms and by lobbyists, and that for the past four years they have determined the "Just Say No" strategy of our Congressional republic leaders.  Because we need to know not just who is mouthing the words, but who the puppet masters are.

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