Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's Give It a Try

The voters have spoken.  We now have a republican House and an even less democratic Senate than we had last year.  The philosophy of the lawmakers will govern the land.

So I think we should be more philosophical about this.  And less rigid.  And, as Speaker Boehner has put it, we should start acting like grown-ups.

So I propose that we all adopt the republican economic plan within our own families.  After all, they really believe it will work, so in the spirit of cooperation, we should give it a try.

Children need to stop assuming that they are "entitled" to all those extras, like education and health care.  When you make those things readily available, they will start to expect that you will provide bikes, movies and clothing.

Teenagers are just going to have to grow up and contribute their fair share.  Maybe an extra after school job.  Cut back on the number of years of teenage social security, moving it from 18 to, say, 12.  They will need to pay a more reasonable share of their income toward household expenses, for example, the mortgage and groceries.  Increased productivity will certainly improve the overall wealth of the family.

Which leaves the most important family members, the CEO's if you will.  If the above all goes according to plan, the parents, the people with the most worth, will be free to expand the family interests.  They will have the economic freedom to buy that new car, take that vacation, invest in that summer home.

And that wealth will of course trickle down to the rest of the family.

But, you argue, the middle and lower classes will end up with less education and possibly poorer health.  They will be less likely to reap the financial rewards of their parents.

Not true.  Because, since we have republicans running Congress, we can be assured that when Mom and Dad die, the kids will get every penny that's left.

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