Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Price Is Right

Uncompromising.  The party of "no".  Unyielding.  These are the ways the republicans in the Senate have been described since the Democratic takeover in 2006.

But is this true?

What we have learned in the past two years is that even the republic party has its price.

They want their Christmas vacation.

For the past two years, the threat of having to work through the holidays has caused the unthinkable to happen:  the Senate republicans have agreed to legislate.  They have worked with the Democrats, albeit kicking and screaming and, yes, whining, toward completing a legislative agenda.

Of course, the Democrats, always willing to compromise, have ended up agreeing to allow the people who own the country to continue to hoard resources which should be used to fuel needed governmental services like bridges and education while decreasing the national debt, but this is another story.

The big event is that republicans will not only pass legislation that they have agreed on but blocked, but will actually even compromise in order to pass legislation.

Because they want their Christmas vacation.

Imagine if the party of no were willing to continue to say no through the holiday season.  They truly would have reached their goal of crippling the federal government.  Fortunately, everyone does indeed have a price.  And the republicans come a lot cheaper than we thought.

All it takes is making them work through the holidays.

Imagine how little they must be willing to accept from their corporate sponsors to say no to bills that  they have actually supported and even sponsored.

It boggles the mind.

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