Monday, January 10, 2011

Toning Down the Rhetoric

Words really can't express the horrific nature of the violence wrought in Arizona over the weekend, although everyone wants to keep trying.  But for every politician or pundit that sincerely talks about toning down the rhetoric, there is at least one other one that makes sure to stand his/her ground, re: how wrong the other side is and how hard they have to keep fighting to make sure the other side doesn't do horrible things to our democracy.

For example, on This Week with Christiane Amanpour yesterday, fake Tea Party windbag Dick Armey, in response to the question about toning down the angry rhetoric, went on and on ad nauseum about "the important critical issues of public policy that must be sorted out", and that "this incident is no basis by which anybody who sees their duty to America to stand down from their duty but to redouble it".  And if that garbled nonsense wasn't clear enough, he added that we "must do out duty to defend our liberties in this great country."

And to what liberties are you referring, Dick?  Maybe the freedom to call the President of the United States names and accuse him of lying?  Or how about creating paranoia by claiming the proposed health care bill would create death panels? talks about John Boehner's efforts to calm and reassure Americans as well as colleagues in Congress during a massive conference call:

“At a time when an individual has shown us humanity at its worst, we must rise to the occasion for our nation and show Congress at its best,” Boehner said on the call.

I can't help but be cynical.  Not that Boehner et al are not being sincere.  But we have had the Kumbaya moments, the most notable being on the steps of Congress after 9/11.  And that ended up with Democrats linking arms with Republicans all the way down the road to Iraq, with the Patriot Act guiding the way.

Let's not forget that Boehner is leading the party that believes in cooperation, as long as you go along with their plan.

So listen carefully.  Lots of people are going to be singing the song about getting together and loving each other right now.  But let's hope we don't end up on another wild ride because we wanted to prove we trusted people who are really not saying anything different.

I do have a suggestion for Mr. Boehner.

How about changing the name of that idiotic "Repeal the Job Killing Health Care Law Act"?  While the rest of us may have seen it for the nonsense it is, there are some who may have truly been scared and angered by the violent rhetoric.  Just to give an example.


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