Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too Many Fires

As long as our corporate right-wing legislators continue to sing the same chorus of the same song, our defenders are left scurrying around trying to put out fires.  I read my political email and we have a smorgasborg of destruction:  abortion, health care, guns, budget cuts.  So many fires for so few people to try to put out.

And then we have Obamacare, which appears to be heading to that bastion of partisanship, the Supreme Court, after a Bush appointee in Florida decided you couldn't make people buy health insurance.

Don't get too comfortable with getting health care for those pre-existing conditions.

And the real solution to mass shootings like that in Arizona is more guns, and especially for members of Congress.  They might as well, they act like cowboys.

So we have a president who is either in it with the elite, or is really, really naive about how vicious is this fight.

One of the more comedic effects of Obama's love affair with the republic party is listening to Mitch McConnell kissing up to his new bud.

And while Jim Demint appears to be keeping a low profile, having figured out that the less he says, the smarter he sounds, it is positively fright-night to hear Lindsey Graham, the other half of the dynamic duo from the economically devastated state of South Carolina giving his opinion on what needs to be done.

Last year the headline from the State of the Union was "'You lie' Wilson", and this year we have the technical gaffe of Michelle Bachmann's camera crew during her Tea Party rebuttal to everyone else.

Oh, and everybody liked Obama, especially the independent voters, and that is really the audience he is trying to capture, because they may not know what the hell is going on, but at least they are willing to change their votes.

But at least it's February, folks, and at some point the heating bills will be lower -- to compensate for the price of gas going up.

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