Saturday, April 23, 2011

All About Me

You know, it's nice that we're now going to town hall meetings to confront our leaders about their votes to turn Medicare into a voucher program -- read, yet more profit for the insurance industry and good luck trying to find a company that will insure you, grandma.  But this is what's wrong with that:

It's all about "me".  These seniors or near seniors have woken up and begun fighting because the threat is to their government programs.  Some of these fine people were screaming bloody murder about health care reform not two years ago, because they liked what they had, and, excuse me, fuck everybody else.

We could control this debate if we were concerned about the welfare of all of us.

I'm tired of hearing interviews of people who are now angry because they've lost their home, or their job, or their health care.  The hard working people who are trying to earn a living out of the Gulf waters complain about BP not paying them enough, or fast enough, make me snarl at the TV:  "... and who did you vote for before the oil spill?"  I have no doubt these independent minded small business people voted for the party of no taxes, not realizing that they were prey for the big corporations, like BP.

The reason the majority of Americans are powerless is because the powerful tiny minority understands about "divide and conquer".

If we get angry at the teachers who have the summers off and all those benefits, we are not paying attention to the Wall Street wheelers and dealers who are gambling our country -- and the world -- into devastation for the price of the deal.

We are torn apart when some of us are led to believe that the enemy is abortion and not poverty and inadequate education, and lack of proper health care.  We empower the greedy when they threaten to take away our jobs if we don't give them yet another tax break.

We need to stop being afraid of what we stand to lose if we stand up.  And we need to stand up for those alongside us, and those with less.

Happy Easter.

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