Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Thing Women Are Better At...

The "Weiner thing", and you know the pun is intended, has got me thinking way too much about what's wrong with men.  And then I heard a panel of women on This Week discussing whether women aren't just better than men at most things.

Of course we are.

I could end there, but the women on the panel, who of course were powerful and successful, went on to overachieve at being in this discussion.  So it was brought up that in studies, women in corporate positions of power made more money for the company than did men, and there is absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that more of that weiner thing goes on with men than with women at the helm, and I'm sure there's also a pun in there somewhere.

I would like to analyze that a bit.  Why is it that women in power are more successful?  Why don't they fool around and get into all kinds of trouble sexually?

Are you nuts?

A woman in a powerful position, first of all, was raised by a mother.  A mother who did not bring her up to aspire to be a doctor, but a doctor and a mother.  A mother who taught her that it is reprehensible to allow someone else to raise one's children, bake one's children's brownies for their school parties, clean up the sick when one's child has the flu.  And get a graduate degree and a career before you even think about all that motherhood thing, so you can get on that corporate ladder while baby is learning to climb stairs.

The mother of a son, on the other hand, is just as proud if he can get out of bed and shower on the day he aces his SAT's.

And then there's sex.  Given all that maternal upbringing, a women certainly is too exhausted to have the desire.  Not only that, a girl is taught that sex is slutty and/or needy, a boy that sex is just one more achievement.

One of the suggestions made by a member of the panel is that in order for more women to attain positions of power and thus save the world, it is necessary to make life easier for women.  This would never work.

The reason there are fewer shenanigans with women than men is that there aren't even enough hours in a woman's day to play a round of golf much less engage in sexual hijinks.  This is the secret to remaining focused and successful.

We all know that busier people are more efficient, and keeping that carrot just out of reach will keep us women chasing it.  Meanwhile, we end up improving the world at bargain rates, and without the free time to get into trouble.

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