Thursday, June 30, 2011

Responsibility Ends Where Profits Begin

This is the problem with government.  They take on responsibility for big business.  Stop complaining (you know who I'm talking to) about how the government takes care of us.  The government has left us to hang while it takes care of big business, because big business has convinced government that we can't let it fail.  Not that it's too big, which it is, but that it's too important.  Apple pie and all that.  Except, instead of saying government is taking care of big business, they say they are helping small businesses.

What I'm really here to talk about today is the airline industry.  I'm sick to death of hearing what all the problem is with the TSA.  The TSA needs to hand the reigns over to the airlines to take care of their own damned security.  They need to be responsible for screwing up who gets on a plane, not the government.  Because when paying customers get on a plane, the airlines don't give an extra dime to the government for the security.

That's how the government is dumber than the Mafia.  When the Mafia gives you protection, you pay for it.

You have probably noticed that, as the TSA took over airline security, the airlines went all gangbusters over cutting personnel at the check-ins.  Just when you might think they would be required to be on guard for "suspicious characters", or at least be there to check to make sure their ID's matched their boarding passes (and that they had boarding passes), they were now insisting that we all use "self-check-in".  Common sense would have it, in the stupid age, when you need to submit to having your purse poked to get into a concert, there would at least be airline personnel at essential checkpoints to keep an eye out for "suspicious characters".  You know, instead of the irritating recorded message that instructs us, at no additional cost to the airlines, to report suspicious persons... 

...not to the airlines, but to the TSA.  Because the airlines have washed their hands of this responsibility.

I do hate the TSA.  It is government bureaucracy at its finest. But let's all remind ourselves that the government is just doing what we all have come to expect it to do:  use our tax dollars to protect big business.

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