Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow, They Did It Again

I have nothing but admiration for Anthony Weiner, one of the Congressional representatives (which I can count using the fingers of one hand) that will always speak honestly, regardless of hounding by the media, and regardless of popular opinion.

Hah, you thought I was talking about the Twitter thing that is the media's obsession of the week.

What I am referring to, however, is Weiner's letter requesting that Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself from any cases regarding the constitutionality of the Obama Health Care Act.  It appears that Ginny Thomas has her hands in all kinds of lobbying against ObamaCare, and that, although Thomas is typically steamed about having to admit to this source of income, he indeed benefits financially from his wife's political activities.

I quite accidentally learned of this as I caught up on my week's worth of The Rachel Maddow Show, working backwards, nearly missing the Friday interview with Anthony Weiner before the Twitter business hit.  On that show, Weiner appeared and explained his House petition asking Thomas to recuse himself.

The thing is, not having time during the week to catch much news, what I heard ad nauseum was about Weiner's hacked Twitter account.  I saw the lewd photo, heard all the bad jokes, and the back and forth about why Weiner wasn't giving the drooling media the meat (no pun intended, really) it was craving.  The last straw was Luke Russert insisting on finding out whether the picture was really of Anthony Weiner.

This is absurd and tragic for us Americans.  We are so easily led by a shallow and lazy media, which we have allowed to exercise this dirty journalism.  It is upsetting to think that we are being denied, in this time of failing schools and health, lost jobs and homes, and neverending war, accurate representation of the real issues.

So let me just thank Rachel Maddow for committing real journalism.

Oh, I would also like to thank Jon Stewart for his astute journalistic observations on whether the photo could really have been Anthony Weiner.  Good to have a laugh at all this nonsense.

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