Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Wish I Had Said: My Very Own Rant

Yesterday, at the library, an old redneck came over to where I was working and began to grumble about having to do all this paperwork, you know, for the "gubmint".

I mumbled non-commitally, so as not to encourage the inevitable right-wing anti-government rant, but after he assembled his dad-gum paperwork and went on his way, I thought, "Well, when the Tea-Party takes over you won't have to worry about filling out that blasted paperwork anymore, because whatever you're applying for won't be there."

Yeah, that's right, come on in and use the library and then complain about the government.  While you're filling out forms to get some government benefit.

You should be able to get whatever you want from the government just by calling and saying, "Hey".  Just like Halliburton did at the start of the Iraq War.  You know, I forgot, that was your buddy Cheney that did that deal.  No paperwork necessary, until they're ready to send us the bill.

Now those teachers, they have a life.  The government gives them all that vacation.  Just to try to teach thirty or more of those kids of yours.  Teachers Work Day?  Just a free lunch, isn't it?  A day to actually communicate with one another, what do they need that for?

Except that your U.S. Representatives are taking one week off a month, to go home and golf with their constituents, and by constituents, I don't mean you or me.  You can bet though, that we pick up the bill for a lot of cocktails on those at-home work weeks.  They may not be meeting in smoke-filled rooms, but John Boehner and Jim DeMint are sure not doing the work of the people back home, unless you mean people who are worth a lot more than you and me, dollar-wise.

So, complain about the government, and then go out and vote for the Republicans who spend money to feed the wealthy, and take it away from you and me because we just can't have the government getting fat on the back of…

…you and me???

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