Wednesday, September 21, 2011

South Carolina Wages Church v. State Battle Once Again

In the small town of Jefferson, South Carolina, Larry Stinson, the principal of New Heights Middle School decided he no longer wanted to be a hypocrite.  So, instead, he broke the law.  He invited Christian rapper B-SHOC to perform, rather, bring to Jesus, 324 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Pastor David Sanders of Bridging the Gaps Ministries trained event volunteers by advising them to "have prayer with" the students.  His mission is to "save" people, and his website talks more specifically about its origin in taking the gay out of people.

There have been some complaints since this September 1 event, but not so much as to prohibit this principal on a mission from scheduling a prayer event on September 28, and posting it on the school website and Facebook page.

The ACLU has also been contacted regarding New Heights Middle School and its principal's flagrant breaking of the laws regarding separation of church and state.

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