Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Fear Factor

Our new-found and readily exploited fear and fascination with Shariah law is just the prescription for bringing Hitlers (and deMints) into power.  Religious radicals of the Christian variety believe that it is just as important for them to dictate punishments for what they perceive as our transgressions as do the radical Islamic fundamentalists.  They too would have sinners imprisoned, perhaps killed, for crossing their lines.

Our absurd focus on whether Shariah law would find its way into our courts is occurring at a time when we are genuinely at risk of that precise type of tyranny coming from the Christian radicals.  Troubled pregnant women imprisoned for crack addiction has been a reality for some time.  The hunger to make abortion illegal, along with the consequent absurdities of attempting to impose a definition on life before birth should lead us to wonder what punishments will be determined to fit the crime.

We know that there are those among us who believe that abortion is punishable by death; if life is defined by these religious "scholars" and pseudo-scientists as occurring at conception, there will need to be punishment meted out to those offenders as well.  And who will police these criminals?

Then we need to address the issues of interracial relationships, as well as the religious practices of those who are not Christian.

We are on a slippery slope indeed here, are we not?

If you do not see shades of Hitler and bin Laden in the religious dictates of the Bachmanns and Perrys, then you are not taking their words to their logical conclusion.

Because what our Christian fanatics in this country are proposing, at the same time they are feeding the fears of Shariah law, is a Christian Shariah law.  Or, if you recall, an Inquisition.

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