Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colbert Fails -- Or Does He?

It turns out that Stephen Colbert, who was not on the South Carolina Republican Primary ballot, was able to get more votes, in the guise of Herman Cain, than either Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann.  Politico reports this as a failure, but aren't we really missing the big picture here?

I believe this was one of the more brilliant pieces of performance art I have ever seen.  Colbert and Stewart are in it to show just how big money, as in Citizens' United, can throw a race.  Maybe they didn't actually throw this one, but one percent of the vote for someone who is no longer running (Cain) and who is not on the ballot and insists that he is merely exploring the possibility of running for the "United States of South Carolina" (Colbert) indicates that some of us are paying attention.

Sad about those who can't see the point, like those students mentioned in the Politico piece who thought that it was just a gag.  Not just a gag.  And the superpac money is still flowing.

Silly?  Yes.  But also an important protest of the less-than-supreme court's pro-corporate ruling.  So let's get with the spirit of this protest.  If we can move the numbers, we can get those who think they are now controlling the country's elections quaking in their designer shoes.

And Stephen Colbert, in his typical silly and touching (and talented) way, sends his love to South Carolina:

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