Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Republican Inquisition

Bizarre that we are in the midst of debate about government required "vaginal probing".

This is, however, effectively sidestepping debate on the economy, at a time when President Obama is finally standing strong and gains are becoming more evident.  It is easier to take a moral stand on something you believe your God has told you to do than to stand in front of GM workers and criticize the actions the president took which saved the plant and the jobs within, although Mitt Romney will be the one to try.  It is also refocusing the attention deficit media from the economy to these ridiculous religious dicta.

It's always fun to make fun of Rick Santorum, but how on earth do we deal with the wackos in the various state legislatures that are introducing these bills which propose to reduce women to cattle, as does the bill introduced by, yes, I kid you not, Illinois' House Agricultural Committee.  At least you can say they are telling it like it is.

If you are able to take a step back to see the bigger picture, I guess it is safe to say that every state has its resident elected wacko, and in many states they are religious wackos.  And now, the Catholic church, who no one has ever listened to in this country anyway, has proudly taken center stage on their belief that God has determined that sex is for procreation, and any attempt to stop it is a sin.  And add the megalomaniacal Santorum, whose conversations with God have gotten louder and more shrill over the weeks since his primary successes.

What you have is the perfect climate for brewing crazy.

Forgive us women for being slow to rise up against this idiocy.  Even though our U.S. House of Representatives has been running its own special sexist Inquisition for the past two years, we honestly didn't think it would catch on.  I mean, even Mississippi voted down the "personhood amendment".

I would like to make more jokes about this situation, because it is so ridiculous that this is happening in 2012.  But there have been so many signs that the religious wackos are taking over the country that I must rely on Jon Stewart for the humorous perspective.  It is also too personal for me as a woman with an adult daughter, to laugh it off.

But I should.  After all, these are men whose idea of stimulating the economy goes no farther than "vaginal probing".

See, it's easy.

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