Friday, March 2, 2012

Contraception and Jobs

The republican plan to protect "our" freedom is moving along quite nicely.  Wonder that dems don't get it.

Once the Supremes determined that corporations are people, it became obvious whose freedoms the right wingnuts were fighting for.  Obviously.  Churches are people.  Not the church members, just the churches.  Hospitals are people.  Not, of course, the nurses, doctors and patients therein, just the hospitals.

So we want to protect their individual freedoms:  the freedom to pay low wages, the freedom to cut an employee's benefits, the freedom to charge anyone any amount for anything, the freedom to cut government services so that they might have the biggest share of the consumer-and-profit pie possible, the freedom to not have to pay taxes.

These, of course, are the job creators.  Much as their God, they should be all powerful.  Because the republican right wing, i.e. the republican party, are all about jobs.  Just ask them.  Which is why they are determined to outlaw contraception.

Now, a lot of people are confused about this.  How does preventing women from using contraception help with creating jobs.  Simple.

When you (or your wife, daughter, sister, mother) no longer have access to birth control, you are more likely to get pregnant.  Of course, since birth control is now illegal, abortion would also be banned, that leaves women (and girls) with a couple of options:  enforced pregnancy and childbirth, and illegal abortion with risk of death.

This is where the jobs part comes in.  Not only will there be thousands of job openings when women have to drop out of the workforce, there will also be openings resulting from women dying from illegal abortions.

And that is just the way God and the Republican Party have planned it. 

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