Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keeping Whom Honest?

I've been wondering what's been going on with Jim DeMint.  Sure he sends us "Freedom alerts" to let us know what he is voting no on in order to make sure his constituents, i.e., Christians and Corporations, continue to be free to stomp on the rest of us.  But here it is, election season, and I haven't heard him referred to as a kingmaker, not once.  Not like Mr. D to keep his cards close; he's more the kind that thinks it's important to share his wealth (of knowledge) with the common folk.

So I was tickled to hear that Senator DeMint was on the panel questioning JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon about the loss of 2 billion dollars.  I was not disappointed.

Dimon was no doubt anticipating a dressing down, much like the 2008 scolding of the auto industry CEO's who flew in on separate jets to tell Congress they were broke.  Or maybe the kind of all-out vitriolic attack like that directed at Attorney General Eric Holder just days earlier.

Was he in for a surprise.

Our own Jim DeMint pretty much apologized to Dimon, put his arm around him and comforted him, basically saying, "It could have happened to anyone."  In fact, he and the other Class Clowns on the republican side appear to have strategized that this was the perfect time to point out just how much more incompetent was the U.S. Government.

The result should have been embarrassing, except for the fact that these men know no shame.

Wouldn't it be great, though, if DeMint et al were forced to appear before Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, who would hold them accountable?

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