Thursday, June 21, 2012

Score One for Big Brother

In the Post and Courier yesterday, there was an article about a murder being caught on camera downtown.

Isn't that great?

Actually, both perpetrator and victim had been guilty of criminal acts, including assault, in the past.

Do we really need to be spied upon when we already have the information to catch the bad guys, just because we are unable to prevent known criminal activity from escalating?

This is a case of 9/11 all over again, where all the warnings were in place, that Bin Laden and al Quaeda was planning an attack on American shores, that foreign nationals were learning to fly planes but not to land them, that those foreign nationals had in fact entered or remained in the country illegally.

Yet we allow ourselves to be frisked without cause not only in airports but on the streets, to be videotaped in our day to day lives, under the pretense of being kept safe.

Actually, it doesn't keep us safe, it just helps identify the people who have harmed us after the fact.

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