Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome Bobbie Rose!

Wrapped up in my own little world, I have been walking around thinking, "I wonder who's running against Tim Scott..."  Today I found out.

Bobbie Rose describes herself as a "liberal, progressive Democrat", and in my mind, in South Carolina, that means you need to stand tall and be fearless.  You need to not be afraid of the names that the right-wingers will call you, and the false accusations that will be made.  As a woman, you need to be unafraid to say exactly what "women's rights" means to you, you need to be unafraid to fight for the right of a woman to own her body.

You need to be able to stand up for freedom of religion, not the freedom of the religious right to dictate our lives.

You need to be able to defend good government, and responsible, much needed, taxation.  We need schools and teachers that are paid a living wage, we need well-funded libraries.  We need roads and bridges, and we need to bring our public transportation into the 21st century.

Corporations need to be responsible employers and taxpayers, and not billionaires shopping for cheap labor and a free ride in South Carolina.

Our Representative needs to keep our harbor from being exploited by the oil industry, and respect and support science and innovation.

I am thrilled to throw my support behind Bobbie Rose.

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