Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Angry Yet

Why should women be angry?

We should be angry because, after decades of fighting for equal rights, women are more than ever treated as decorative hood ornaments.  Our governor here in South Carolina is an example.

Nikki Haley is cute, flirty and manipulative, just the traits men like in a woman.  It makes them feel more manly when a woman pretends to be in charge while she is doing exactly what you want her to do.

She is the decorative hood ornament that keeps us in our place.  She is there to prevent women from having equal pay for equal work.  She makes sure women that are raped and abused don't make a fuss.  She won't help you pay for your daughter to have an HPV vaccine, because she can't order you to do it, which is what she would have preferred.  She is not going to make sure that you or your daughters get education and training unless you can pay for it your own damn self.

But we aren't most of us angry.  We are worn out, beaten down.  We haven't been taught to think for ourselves, so we continue to believe what we are told.

It's time to get angry.

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