Thursday, August 9, 2012

Carol for House 115

She did it!

When the South Carolina Election Commission rejected Carol Tempel and others who were running for office in 2012, Carol decided not to fight the Commission's decision.  Instead, she opted to run as a "petition candidate".

I had my doubts.  My own preference has always been to curse the dark rather than go look for a candle.  But Carol tirelessly sought and collected signatures, and yesterday announced that she has been certified to run for South Carolina House 115 in November.

Isn't this exactly the kind of person we need working for us in Columbia?

Carol doesn't just know how to surmount obstacles, though. She knows the issues.  As an educator, she knows why our tired education system doesn't work.  She understands that the path to jobs is not to sell out to big corporate interests, but to tax wisely, to spend our money on improving our schools, paying our teachers a living wage, investing in our children instead of the wealthy business interests that are being all-too-well represented by her opponent.

Carol knows that knowledge is power.  Education leads to hope -- less teen pregnancy, less crime, better jobs, healthier families.

And Carol has proven that she is determined to fight for South Carolinians.

Welcome aboard, Carol!  We're glad it's official!

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