Thursday, August 30, 2012

RetireSafe -- Not as Safe as It Sounds

When I got the email from Tim Scott last week declaring he was going to save us all from letting Obama throw us off a cliff or some such nonsense, I also saw that he had just received the 2012 Standing Up for Seniors Award.  He modestly made the announcement at the end of his email, after I was already afraid I was going to be pushed off a cliff.

The group giving him this award is called "RetireSafe", which sounds suspiciously like all those Kochian and Rovian Superpacs with warm and fuzzy names masking their evil intentions.  So I looked it up, and sure enough, these dudes are calling themselves a "grassroots organization".  Not like any grass I've ever grown on my lawn.

This is a whitebread, Romney-esque bunch, who last year gave the award to Tea Party Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona.

Harder to get information on the guys (of course they are guys) who sow these grass roots, but here is the scoop from TPM Muckraker at Talking Points Memo.  So now it makes sense.  This group awarded Scott for his work for big Pharma and other health related corporate interests, who make big bucks from -- of course -- Medicare and seniors.  It is also just another group of rich guys who are scamming seniors by giving fake awards to those legislators who live in their pockets.

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