Friday, September 7, 2012

About That $16 Trillion

Tim Scott thinks we are all dopes.  He preys on our insecurity by misinforming us about what is wrong with the country, and then promises to take care of it for us.

The man does PR (public relations) real well, unlike Mitt and his shadow, who just can't get the knack of the bait-and-switch.

Tim Scott wants us all to know that that old debt clock is ticking, and that the most important thing in our world is to cut that debt.

But he doesn't want to cut that debt badly enough to pay a fair share of taxes on his considerable income.  When Scott says he wants to guarantee his kids' future, he really does mean his kids, not yours or mine.  Because if either of us knew that investing more into our government would give our children a better education, better health care, and good jobs that will contribute to the futures of their kids, we would do it in a minute.

So we all need to ask Mr. Scott if he understands the meaning of the word "investment."  Because it doesn't just mean the dollars he hoards that grow and grow and grow for him while his debt clock keeps on ticking.  Investment means putting resources into a project in the hopes that it will succeed.  That project is our country, Mr. Scott.  And we invest so that our families will grow, and not just your wallet.

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