Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's true; the republicans are speaking in riddles, and if we don't figure out the right answer we'll be paying for sure.

When they say, "We will work to create jobs," they have actually left out a couple of steps.  What they really mean is, "We plan on giving lots and lots of money back to the really, really wealthy, and we are absolutely sure that eventually they will create jobs with that money.  But not necessarily in America, because, well, that wouldn't be good for corporate America, and they are, after all, the job creators."

When they say, "We want to protect your Social Security and Medicare," they don't add, "for now," but that's what they mean.  In a great moment of honesty, they have begun to add that Social Security and Medicare are safe for those of us over 55.  Then they tap dance around what's going to happen to those of us under 55.  It's kind of bizarre, that they are reassuring some of us that we'll be okay, and not realizing that the end of that thought is that the rest of us are screwed.

When they say, "We are determined to improve the lives of our children," well, they really mean that.  They want to improve the lives of their children.  Not yours or mine.  And how will they do this?  They will make sure that every penny that they own (whether earned by them or not) passes down to their heirs, never being sullied by taxation or obligation.

So listen carefully, folks.  The riddle is in the promise.

PS:  Well, I had drafted this piece before I went on vacation, and came home to find out that Mitt had been caught being honest.  We can all be thankful that he is really a terrible politician.  While they are regrouping, let us all enjoy that brief respite from the Orwellian campaign machine.

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