Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Things Never Get Old

It was with some surprise and sadness that I flipped a page on my ACLU 2012 calendar and saw this cartoon:

The great political cartoonist, Herblock, penned this one in 1981.  If you were lucky enough to have been around then, that was when the radical right realized they could make great hay by using the religious right to put them in office.

And so it goes.  Today I heard a news clip wherein John Boehner replied to a question about Romney's now infamous rant on the worthlessness of the 47% by saying, "This election is about jobs."  "Jobs," he added.  And then he repeated, "Jobs."

Yeah, I thought, it's about you keeping your job.  And, recalling the actual 112th House of Representatives, it's about abortion.

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