Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Hope Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Say

I am far more excited about Elizabeth Warren's Convention speech tomorrow than about anyone else, including either Obama.  She is the fresh voice that he was in 2004.

But I worry about her.  I worry that she has way too many people who are worrying at her and for her, and crowding her.

I think that was the reason that she had scheduled a $1,000 a head fund-raising event here in South Carolina.  When I heard that I did a spit-take.  Nobody told her, apparently, that even good Democrats here in South Carolina don't have pockets that go that deep.  She would have been far better off, and so would we, had she done the $250 shindig, and stopped over at the College of Charleston's Cistern to say hi and shake some hands.

The Elizabeth Warren who is my hero would have said yes to that in an instant and nixed the $1,000 nonsense.

So with that in mind, I would like to add my two cents:

I hope Elizabeth Warren doesn't tell us in nauseating detail about her family.

I hope she doesn't go on and on about her family's military service and her pride in the military.

I hope she doesn't try to lead a cheer for women.

I hope she remembers to mention Obama, because all those nitpickers that counted Mitt Romney references last week will be back, but I hope she doesn't go on about all the great things he's done for the economy.

Because, to be honest, we all know he hasn't.  His intentions were good, but he was naive, and when he heard that the American people wanted compromise, he believed us.  So he got slammed by the other side, who abhor compromise.

But she is speaking at his convention for a reason.  We believe in her, and Obama knows we believe in her.  She is smart and she is fearless.

So I hope she tells us about why the American economy is still not working for the American people.  I hope she tells us that it is time for corporate control of our country and our lives to come to an end.  I hope she talks about the need to regulate those big-monied interests, starting with Wall Street.

Because if she does that, if she gives a no-frills, this is the way it is speech about where we stand and where we are heading, we'll all be there with her.

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