Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Fall Asleep!

We should not be surprised, after Romney's "reboot" into "copycat Romney", to hear Ryan last week, and then Romney last night, refer to "trickle down government."

After all, the new strategy is to mirror Obama.  The new Mitt is the old, liberal Mitt, who was liberal because he was running against liberal Ted Kennedy for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994.  Boston being Boston, and Mitt being a smart and unscrupulous businessman, he ran for governor as a liberal, only to -- surprise -- become more conservative while in office.

Our Mitt is as comfortable stealing ideas as he was stealing companies, or as Mitt referred to it, "harvesting."

Which, not only being harvest season, but since it is also  Halloween season, also puts me in mind of that scary movie wherein "They Come from Another World..."

Yes, it's a world where it looks like Mitt, and even has Mitt's voice, but the words aren't his.  Words like "trickle down," which means that those fat cats at the top, if allowed to get fat enough, will zip open their flies and let some of it flow onto the rest of us.

If you recall your scary movies, the pod people don't think, they just open their mouths and say whatever will cause you to follow.  Which is why the Romney-pod's "trickle-down government" doesn't really make sense.  It's an almost-mirror-image of a concept that has actually been in place since our other old pod-president sold it to us back in the 80's.

You might wonder, then, why we should fear.  It's because the pod has no needs, other than to possess you; no conscience, motivated only by the instinct for self-preservation; and no brain, parroting only what his masters, those extraterrestrials from that far-away income bracket, command him to say.

And that is the scary story for this Halloween season.  So, whatever you do, don't fall asleep until after November 6, or, as Samuel L. Jackson might say,

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