Friday, October 12, 2012

Nice Guy Mitt

Somebody told Mitt that people like it when you tell a story about some plain old person you met.  If it has a tragic ending, it's even more better.  So he and Stepford VP Paul Ryan have taken that message to heart.

So every now and then, when asked a question, say about tax cuts for the wealthy, they may reply with a story about a plain old person, hopefully who came to a tragic end.

The thing that makes this odd and not just creepy is that the anecdote really has nothing to do with the subject.  The story is really all about Mitt, and what a good guy he really is.

To give a really stark example, Romney recently told about meeting a Navy SEAL who was later killed in the recent Benghazi attack.  Why?  To let people know that it made him sad.  Needless to say, the young man's mother took exception with Romney's use of her son to make political hay. 

Last night, when Biden brought up Romney's crass and stupid comment about the lazy 47% who pay no taxes, Ryan came back at him with the story of Mitt Romney helping a family whose two sons had been seriously injured in a car crash.

Wrong on so many levels.  Besides being totally irrelevant.

First, there's the fact that Joe Biden had lost his first wife and a child in a car accident.  Fully displaying the sensitive side of the Romney/Ryan team.

Secondly, we all know how generous our Mitt is.  Especially with those in the Mormon Church, to which this family belonged.  Romney, who hides much of his wealth, believes charity should take the place of social programs.  This way people like him can give only to those they believe are deserving.  Oh, and take the charitable tax deduction as well.

Finally, besides being despicable and creepy, bringing up stories having to prove what a nice guy Romney is, is just irrelevant.  Because the way he uses his wealth, the way he hordes his wealth, and his proposed policies, speak for themselves.

So please, Mitt (and Paul), no more anecdotes.  They are just sad.  Those kinds of stories should be left to people who really do care about others; then they might not land with such a resounding "clunk."

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