Sunday, November 4, 2012

Changing the Schools by Changing the School Board

It's never been hard for me to figure out who to vote for when it comes to national or state races.  I figure that's probably true for most of us.  They are the candidates that get the most media and political attention.  But I always felt like an idiot when I got to the part of the ballot for local offices, especially the ones that don't have D's and R's in front of them.

I'm mostly talking about the school board.  And yet the people who hold these positions are critical when it comes down to the welfare of our children.

So I took it seriously this year.  I did some online research, and learned that there wasn't much.  I asked friends who are more politically in the know that I am, and I got some recommendations.  Based on my "research" I had enough to vote, but not enough to make recommendations to others.

I was delighted then to see the article in Wednesday's City Paper. Not only did the article reflect the appropriate Halloween mood, it also spoke volumes about what is at stake, based on the school board of today and of the past.  The editorial staff asks the all-important question:

The analysis of the various possible combinations making up our next school board wasn't just entertaining (much appreciated at the end of a long and tiring election season), but really informative.

Do we want a board where nothing will get done due to infighting?  Or perhaps a board where the things that get done are too terrifying to imagine?

Or do we want the board that is smart, experienced and fearless?

That's what I'm on board for -- the Ghostbusters.

So here is the team recommended by the editorial staff of our City Paper:

Louis Weinstein (Downtown)
John Barter (West Ashley)
Michael Miller (West Ashley)
Tom Ducker (North Charleston)
Mattese Miller Lecque (North Charleston)

Not only does it explain the why's and why-nots, the editors answer all those other questions like, "Who can I vote for?" and "Really?  I can vote for board members in other school districts?" and "But how do I do that?"

You can get a sample ballot at :

Then all you need to do is get out and vote!  And bring your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, and that person you know that was planning on voting but decided at the last minute that her vote wasn't really that important.

It is JUST that important.

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