Monday, November 26, 2012

Everybody Panic!

As go Skinnerian rats, so go the corporate CEO's and Wall Street honchos.

Everybody's in a panic over the impending sequestration/disappearing tax cuts.

I'm frankly tired of hearing about how big business (or, as the right wing calls them, small business) and the stock market are reacting to the potential loss of pennies on their billions of dollars.  

We plain old people have been called whiny, lazy, greedy and unimportant for quite long enough.  Since 2008, many of us have lost homes and jobs; since long  before that, we have not been able to afford health care.  Creepy Mitt Romney, who some still believe is a nice guy, figures that Obama won the presidency by offering us unwashed masses goodies like health care and affordable student loans.  His prediction for liberals winning the White House in 2016 is free dental care.


Really.  It's hard to frame a serious rebuttal to a man who builds elevators for his cars, while for years a growing number of Americans have had to choose between the mortgage and medication, car repairs versus clothing.

Mormon or Christian, there is no religion that I know of that scorns people for wanting to be safe and healthy.  And while our friends and neighbors helplessly lost their health and security, we have had to listen to politicians and the media whine about fearful, insecure multi-millionaires.

How could we even conceive of denying bonuses to the Wall Street geniuses that plunged us into recession???  How can we expect corporations to hire people and pay taxes at the same time???


When times are bad, we have been told to suck it up.  Pull your kid out of college, skip those dental appointments, patch up that old car yet again.

I believe it is time for the wealthy to stop the hell whining.  If you want your business to prosper, invest in research and pay a living wage.  If you want the stock market to succeed, then sell stocks that are worth the investment, and not mere quick and dirty trades.  Stop screwing around with the power you hold.

And our politicians need to stop feeding the power machine. Because it is broken.

As for me, I've given up so much financial security over the years as these criminals have continued to plunder our democracy, that raising my taxes doesn't scare me.  I can't afford the dentist or the car repair as it is.  You really can't take that much away from me.

So sequester the hell out of yourselves.  And end those tax cuts.  Lets see how long the cowardly bullies who hold all the cards last when the cards become worthless.

In this country, there have been times when things got so bad that Americans stood up and said, "I am willing to risk my life to make things better."  It's time to do that again, folks.  For ourselves and for our children.

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