Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There They Go Again

I see where our own Lindsay Graham and his BFF John McCain are trying to bully poor Susan Rice presumably over comments she made on Meet the Press.  If you have ever watched any of those Sunday talk shows, you will know that they basically display more tap dancing around issues than you'll see on Dancing with the Stars.

Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday that John McCain's hobby is appearing on Sunday talk shows, no doubt because it eases the loneliness of Sundays without dinner invitations.  And if you've seen John McCain on any Sunday talk show, you will know that the standard he sets is somewhere between lies and crazy.

So can we all agree that the issue is not what Susan Rice said on Meet the Press?  The issue is the same one that we were observing a few months ago when House maniac Darrell Issa led the charge against Attorney General Eric Holder for the made-up conspiracy regarding Fast and Furious.  You remember, the more questions he answered, the more he complied with requests for files, the angrier they got.

Also reminiscent of the witch hunts against Bill and Hillary in the 90's, when the only thing they could turn up for sure was a dress with semen on it.

On the other hand, the more they can toss around the excrement, the more they are hoping to distract us from, oh, raising taxes on the 1 percent (in other words, members of this very governing body).  If we get riled up enough about some Obama conspiracy, maybe we won't notice them trying to raise the social security retirement age.

Unfortunately, the excrement they are tossing around is their own, and they have plenty more where that came from.

The tragedy of course, is that yet another good member of the Obama team is getting dragged through Congress, this time the Senate.  And although I am hearing the hopeful say that Obama is in this for the duration, there are a lot of bodies of strewn nominees that have been laid to waste over the last four years, by a Congress that has no respect for the President or the institution of the Presidency.

I am thinking that it would be good if Obama was ready to stand up to these idiots, and give us four years that we can be proud of.  Signs say this could happen, so stay tuned.

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