Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Nikki

Once again, in today's mail, at taxpayer expense, was a lovely response from Governor Nikki Haley to an email I sent.  In it, she affirmed that despite my opinion, she was right, but encouraged me to keep in touch.

Here is my reply:

Dear Governor Haley:

I am responding to your letter dated March 13, in which you reiterated your reasons for refusing to use federal dollars to fund a Medicaid expansion, which would help the poor, unemployed, disabled and elderly of your state.

You stated that South Carolina is rated as only the 45th healthiest state (this after over two years of your governorship!). You use this as the reason for not accepting the federal dollars to expand Medicaid.

I would like to say that the failure of logic in that reply is astounding.

Perhaps it would make sense to look to the states that have higher health ratings than South Carolina (you have 44 to choose from), rather than continue to double down on obviously losing practices.

Once again you have spent taxpayer dollars to respond to an email through the US Postal Service. Additionally, I would like to remark on the way you addressed me in your letter.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy, yet you address me as “Ms.” I am at least glad that you did not opt for Mrs. or Miss, but please be aware that the proper form of address in this case is “Dr.” Also, you added, “Thanks, Agnes,” which I'm sure you consider friendly but actually is quite rude. I am a 61 year old woman, and we have never met. I would no more consider addressing you as “Nikki” than you should sign off by thanking me using my first name.

Since you are from South Carolina, I am surprised that you do not show more respect in addressing others. But then again, you are the governor who is denying health care benefits to the most needy, and for that matter, have sought to disallow any food item that might be considered a treat to persons receiving Supplemental Nutritional Assistance. Oh, and you force state employees to begin telephone calls from people seeking help with the lie, “It's a great day in South Carolina.” So perhaps it is safe to say that respect for others is not much of a consideration for you.

Most sincerely,

Agnes F. Pomata, Ph.D.

P.S.  It is presumptuous of you to sign off  "God bless."

By the way, if you would like to contact Governor Haley, you might be interested in knowing that she has paired up with that fellow she promoted a couple of months ago.

A match made in heaven, or maybe just buddies that hang out together on Friday nights.  Either way, my guess is if you follow the money, that's where it will lead.

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  1. So if we're ONLY 45th, there's no disgrace. I think her answer would be the same if we were 50th. But, hey, we wouldn't want to do anything to help the poor of the state. We only care that it be a great day for those who can take care of themselves. I'm ashamed of our Governor. I agree with you about the lack of respect that her greeting shows and the presumption of her God Bless. Why doesn't she spread God's blessings to the poor by accepting the Medicaid expansion. It isn't even cost effective not to.