Monday, April 15, 2013

Fear Feeding Fear Feeding Terrorism Feeding Fear

My son, in Boston, is safe tonight.  But when one of us is attacked, aren't we all?

It is the NRA, in the name of the weapons makers and sellers, that have for wealth and power instilled fear in the most fearful among us.

It is the idiots we have elected to Congress, who are afraid of taking a moral stand against weapons, for wealth and votes, who have refused to stand tall against those who raise arms against us.

Because of this, terrorists feel free to wield bombs, as well as guns, against us.  And each time we are attacked, our enemies in the NRA and in Congress feed the fear.

They claim that we need weapons to defend ourselves from our government.  And this is what weakens us, and makes us vulnerable to those who would use those weapons -- that we are afraid to give up -- against us.

I don't pledge allegiance to a flag, but I trust my country far more than those who are screaming -- screeching -- about the 2nd Amendment.  And I don't praise my god against your god, but I try to live under a set of morals that is universal.

As long as we fear, we are vulnerable.  As long as we fear, we will be led.  As long as we fear, we will not be acting for what is right, only for what will momentarily quell the fear but will only make us more vulnerable.

We need to elect politicians that will act for what is moral, and will not feed our fear for their gain.

Or we will continue to be attacked and afraid and attacked yet again.

A gun on every corner will not protect us from those carrying guns.  And when we are afraid, those with weapons will always find a way to attack.

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