Friday, April 5, 2013

Frugal or Just Cheap?

Somewhere along Route 21 in Beaufort, there is a sign:

Sanford is indeed frugal, but with his own $$.  His former wife documents this in her autobiography, but there is plenty of evidence of how tight the man will squeeze a penny in his governorship of South Carolina.  We all know the stories about making staff use both sides of Post-It notes.

But is he frugal with OUR money?  Not so much.  It seems he used our tax dollars to fund his trysts in Argentina, for one thing.  I can imagine that, since he had to stop using his campaign funds for noncampaign expenses, all that money must have been burning quite a hole in his pocket.  Maybe this was why he decided to run for the vacant House seat.

So now he's still got friends with deep pockets, and quite a campaign treasury.

But why spend the money?  Single-minded maybe, but if he wanted to prove he's cheap, his plywood and paint street sign campaign sure does the trick.  All you folks out there that can't cough up $1,000 for the campaign can still do your part.  Just grab some old plywood and a bucket of paint and stick that sign in your front yard.

Well, back to the sign up on Highway 21.

It happens to sit next to a very small business that is no longer in business:

And this picture really does say more than a thousand words.  Support Mark Sanford and this is the future of your small business.  Or your children's education.  Or your mom and dad's senior years.

This is what Sanford's tight fist and bad judgment did to South Carolina when he was governor -- put us well on the way to "Out of Business."

So I decided that, since I don't have that $1,000 to donate to a campaign, I'd take a hint from Mark Sanford and do my part:

Elizabeth Colbert Busch
U.S. House of Representatives
Vote May 7!

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