Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No More Gimmicks

Mark Sanford is no stranger to gimmickry.  When he ran for the US House of Representatives in 1994 he went door to door handing out fake billion dollar bills to point out the dreaded government deficit.  He is at it again, with his reputed hand-made plywood signs that tout that he will save tax dollars.

Sanford truly is single-mindedly focused on saving money, but that doesn't mean he is going to save us money.  As governor, he paid $74,000 in fines on 37 ethics violations, agreeing to pay the fine in order to avoid a hearing.  His claims of innocence were based on his contention that the charges were unfair because others had done the same thing.

You should know that the ethics violations included spending tax dollars on personal travel expenses.

When Mark Sanford says he wants to save money, he is first and foremost talking about saving his own.

Not that he doesn't stand up for his principles.  For example, in 2009 he fought the state legislature over whether to take federal stimulus money.  Sanford of course refused the stimulus dollars.  When the legislature overrode his veto he filed a lawsuit against the state.  That's right, during the economic crisis, not only was Sanford refusing money that would help keep teachers, police and firefighters employed, he was using South Carolina's resources to fight the state legislature's legally won right to accept the funds.

So we know that Sanford is obsessive over money, but we also know, from his record as governor, that his judgment is poor, and he will cost us more money than he would ever save.

We also know that he is so convinced of the rightness of his own beliefs that he will never compromise.

For some, that attitude may be desirable in a member of Congress.  But for those of us who are feeling the effects of a do-nothing Congress, of "representatives" whose purpose is to prevent government from doing its job while continuing to take its salaries and perks, we know we don't want Mark Sanford adding to the dysfunction.

We have a better alternative.  Elizabeth Colbert Busch is businesswoman who has successfully coordinated university research and corporate interests toward creating a burgeoning wind turbine industry in South Carolina.

Isn't it time we elected someone to the House of Representatives that will work for us rather than do nothing and pocket the difference?

Elizabeth Colbert Busch
House of Representatives
Vote on May 7

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