Monday, April 29, 2013

Sanford Debates Real Person

As much as I have enjoyed the comedic stylings of Mark Sanford, I am looking forward to tonight's debate with Elizabeth Colbert Busch.  It was fun watching that poor anonymous woman trying to hold that poster of Nancy Pelosi steady while Mark rambled on about weird stuff like who is funding Elizabeth's campaign.  And good old Mad Man Mark twisted reality around real good while he stood out there on the sidewalk, waving and saying "hey" to people who walked by wondering what on earth was going on.

But today is the day that the first of those debates that Sanford has been whining were not going to happen, happens.

If you tried to get tickets to the debate, as I did, you will know that it is the hottest event in Charleston.  But fear not; you can live stream this event at 7:00 tonight from ETV.

I also heard that if he does real good, Sam the Eagle has agreed to appear with him.

It goes without saying, Sanford will still lose.

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