Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why "The Right Is Winning"

I'm listening to commentators on the news shows talking about why we aren't winning the battle for gun control.  You probably wouldn't want to hear what I have to say back to each of them.  I have recently heard that Obama is not involved enough, Obama is too involved, the American people are not passionate enough, the American people are not involved enough, there is too much NRA money to fight them.  And on and on and on.

It's all bullshit.

The difference is that we're all wringing our hands and worrying why no one is listening.  Can you imagine Wayne LaPierre worrying about the fact that people think he is corrupt, or crazy, or the NRA being concerned that the public will reject its latest scheme?  Or any of the idiots in Congress, like our own Lindsey Graham, worrying about anything of moral value or the consequences of not controlling guns.

The radical, psychotic, greedy, narcissistic and single minded supporters of ABSOLUTELY NO GUN CONTROL aren't worried.  They are angry, they are wealthy, and they know how to manipulate.  And being rational is not on their agenda.

I keep hearing the whining and the droning of the rational who "support" gun control trying to find ways of working around and working with the gun lobby.  I hear people make excuses for red state Democrats in Congress.  Maybe if we had more people showing up at the Capitol.

Perhaps if we only required background checks on Tuesdays.  Hey, it would be better than not having them at all.

Meanwhile we are giving credence to the NRA proposing to arm teachers.  I don't know about you, but there are some teachers I recall from my children's school days that would have been right in the front of the line to get armed, and would be the last I would want carrying in the same building as my children.  And let's not forget that many teachers do not want to have to be responsible for fighting a crazed gunman to the death.  Oh, and how about the fact that none of those same people that are going to arm our schools have wanted to pay what it's worth to educate our kids.

And then there are guns in shopping malls, and on the street, and in a movie theater.  But hey, you can always arm the kid that takes your theater ticket.

Are we NUTS?  Isn't it time that we stopped trying to compromise with the lobby of gun manufacturers and paranoid white supremacists?  No, I don't think your quality of life would suffer if you had to go to a gun range to play with your semi-automatic.  And it would be a lot less risky than trying to figure out who is gun-violence crazy versus who is just mentally ill.

I don't want guns on the streets I walk, or the schools our children attend.  I don't want to for God's sake sit in a bar or go into a liquor store knowing our legislators have fought to give people the right to mix bullets and alcohol.

Enough.  No compromise.  And don't worry about Harry Reid flaking out, or what the southern Democrats need to support gun control.  Just keep yelling.

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