Thursday, June 20, 2013

Consistently Lindsey

While Jon Stewart and I were away (he's still gone, but I'm back), John Oliver had a bit to say about privacy.  Of course, our own Senator Lindsey Graham, hot to beat out any Tea Party challengers in 2014 (you know who I'm talking about, Lee Bright), is the go-to guy on just about every issue that plagues our lawmakers.  The biggest plague being our president.

What has been difficult for Graham, however, is when President Obama takes a sharp turn to the right.  Being a man of rigid, if not good, Southern values, Graham is fearless in supporting any sacrifice of personal privacy in the name of national security.

Except one.

Here is our own Lindsey Graham, right around minute seven, summing up his position on privacy:

Let's hope that his 2014 Democratic challenger takes note of this little inconsistency.  You know what they say about politics and strange bedfellows.  The Tea Party just might not be as enthused about electronic surveillance of US citizens as Senator Graham.

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