Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas Lege's Comedy Hits

Perhaps you've been missing The Daily Show as it's been on a two-week hiatus.  I know, lately they're taking almost as many breaks as our US Congress.  But fear not:  the Texas State Legislature continues to offer can't-miss comedy in its place.

You hardly ever get the opportunity to read a blog post titled, Tampons don't kill people. Republicans do.  So I would like to thank that great Texas blogging duo, Margaret and Helen, for alerting me to the latest comedy accomplishments of the Texas Legislature, in their work to rid the world of intelligent democratic debate.

On Friday, during their routine ransacking of women's handbags, security guards confiscated feminine hygiene products.

You are probably going to want to read that last sentence again.  Go ahead.

Apparently, Texas lawbreakers -- I'm sorry, lawmakers -- were concerned that women might use tampons as projectile devices.  I guess most members of the Texas lege don't have much contact with menstruating women and their hygiene products, and so thought that a maxi-pad hurled from the stands just might knock out a member of their august group.

Meanwhile, it is a-okay to carry a gun, unless, I suppose, you're a woman.

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