Saturday, October 12, 2013

God: the Default Option

October is a scary month, and I mostly revel in it.  I read scary books and watch scary movies.  And when I turned on the TV yesterday, there was the Values Voter Summit.

The strangely named event is brought to us by Tony Perkins -- no, that Tony Perkins...

...was making an honest living.  This Tony Perkins heads the Family Research Council, one of those groups that make you want to shower after you have been exposed to their sick ideas.

They are anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-spending their wealth and our tax dollars on the poor.  They bludgeon us with their faith, so that we don't notice their hypocrisy.  And this weekend they are in full wrath of god mode, the wrath being hurled against, naturally, the Affordable Care Act.

And there he was, our own Tim Scott, doing his poor Martin Luther King routine.  I had heard he was a powerful speaker, but I was misinformed.  He was well-rehearsed.  His recitation of the words of the wondrous Amazing Grace in those halls of greed were a shameful manipulation, as was his story -- oft told, I'm sure -- of his rebirth in God.  The twisting of Christian values to the cause of power looked plain old wrong coming from the mouth of a South Carolinian who I believe was raised to believe in good works.

The final twisting was the requisite attack on Obamacare.  And this was impressive, because he was given fake numbers to read, like "three trillion dollars to insure five percent of the population."  Not only were his "facts" twisted lies, but brought home the reality that this is not at all about providing health care to those without.

A comment that was so odd that he may have inserted it himself was in the "if you earn a dollar you spend a dollar" fiscal responsibility segment.  That is, that you should give 10 percent to the church.  Hmm, why would you do that?  I don't think it's to lay gold at the feet of God.  I think maybe it's so that the church can redistribute it to the needy.  

No, that's the old Christianity, the one I grew up with.  The new Christianity says that you lay gold at the feet of the representatives of God so they can build bigger and more awesome churches.  Interesting that while Pope Francis is returning his church to those old values, these guys are still trying to get us to believe that giving a portion of one's wealth to the poor is bad.  And just sad that Scott's point would be that the problem with Obamacare is that it's too much money to spend on too few people.

If you check out the homepage of the Values Voter Summit you will see the button, "Having Issues Viewing the Video?"  And I must reply, "Yes, it is tasteless, full of lies, and truly absent of Christian, or any religious, merit."

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