Monday, October 28, 2013

In Charleston, It's In the Air

Once again, Charleston has been voted #1 travel destination.  We are about as happy to have visitors as they are to be here -- it's good for business, and it is just really nice that people love our city.

One of the wonderful things about Charleston is that in spite of the bustle and popularity, it continues to feel like a small town.  No skyscrapers.  Manageable traffic.  And what continues to be a leisurely pace.  People don't tend to honk if you take too long to wake up when a red light turns green, and we're really happy to give directions, and in fact, just keep talking to you for as long as you want.  There are great restaurants and art galleries, and wonderful historic walks around town.

Why would anyone want to change all that?

In fact, if we continue to ignore the increasing congestion and pollution caused by cruise ships in our port, not only will Charleston begin to be less of a desirable tourist attraction, the air quality will endanger ourselves and our children.

Bobbie Rose is running for Charleston City Council for District 8, and she knows that we cannot ignore the risks to our treasured city.  She understands that the best thing we can do for tourism in Charleston is to create regulations that will protect the environment.  She knows that while unregulated, the cruise ship industry has no reason to curb its pollution in our harbor.

We have had too many politicians in Charleston and in South Carolina that refuse to work with businesses in the interests of our families and our environment, scaring us with talk of killing jobs if we establish reasonable rules and limits.

Isn't it time we stood proud here in South Carolina, and work with those businesses who respect and want to maintain (if not improve) our quality of life?

The City Council election is Tuesday, November 5.  To find out which district you are in go to SC Votes.

If you are in District 8, be sure to support the candidate that will work to insure that the quality of life in Charleston doesn't just maintain, but improves.  Bobbie Rose will keep Charleston #1, not just for tourism, but for its residents.

from Charleston City Paper

Bobbie Rose
Charleston City Council
District 8

Vote: Tuesday, November 5

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