Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Running with Wendy

I recently wrote about the dirty dealings in Texas by opponent Greg Abbott and his minions (I use that word reluctantly; it gives minions a bad name).  The dirt that they dug up on Wendy Davis amounts to questions about how long she actually lived in her trailer, whether her husband helped fund her Harvard education, and whether she was a good mother.  If that's not a war on women, I don't know what is.

In fact, Karl Rove did it first in Texas for George W. Bush against Governor Ann Richards when he began a rumor that Richards was a lesbian.  He was able, then, to swing a state that would have re-elected Richards on her successful record as governor.  As Rove himself said,

"Look, I don’t attack people on their weaknesses.  That usually doesn’t get the job done. Voters already perceive weaknesses. You’ve got to go after the other guy’s strengths. That’s how you win."
And that's exactly the game plan against Wendy Davis.  The attacks are on her independence and her intelligence.  Oh, and her parenting.

But, as W. himself said,

Wendy and her daughters are fighting back.  But we need to fight with her.  In my state, where the best woman we can come up with for governor is Nikki Haley, and the best democrat is Vincent Sheheen, we need Wendy Davis far more than she needs us.  But I have done what I rarely do, I have put my money where my mouth is.  I have donated to Wendy's campaign, and I hope you reach way out to Wendy in Texas and do the same.

A groundswell of financial support will do even more than words to prove to men like Greg Abbott and Mitch McConnell that baseless and -- honestly -- stupid attacks on women will not work anymore.

I'm with Wendy.

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