Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twenty-Week Abortion Ban Bill -- Update

I am on my way out of town -- and a needed respite from politics -- but I want to send out important information about H 4223, the falsely named "pain capable" abortion bill.  

At this point, after an extensive subcommittee hearing, the bill was approved by a vote of 2-1, and now goes to the House Judiciary, which may hear this bill as early as next week.

You can find a list of the members of the Judiciary Committee at SC Statehouse.  Here is how to send a message:

Click on a name to get to their page.

Click on "Send Message to..."

Type in your message. (Note:  You can write your message in Word, then copy and paste it in the message area.  This way, you can copy the same message to as many members as you like.  The more you can contact, the better.)


I urge you to send messages to:  your own representatives, any representatives who may know you personally, representatives who may be more receptive to the message.

Here are some important points:

First of all, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has testified that a fetus cannot feel pain until 29-30 weeks, at which time thalamocortical connections have been developed.

Only a very small percentage (1%) of abortions occur this late.  Those that occur are because of serious abnormalities discovered that indicate risk to the woman, or fetal impairment, miscarriage or stillbirth.  Due to these life-threatening complications, such late abortions occur in what would otherwise be wanted pregnancies.

It is imperative that a physician be allowed to exercise their professional expertise and judgment, without fear of governmental reprisal, in advising a woman of these potential risks and recommending the best possible course of action.

It is essential that a woman experiencing complications during pregnancy has access to the best possible medical care, without fear of government interference.

There is no place in a woman's pregnancy that should be determined by government mandate.

Write your representatives.  Write a letter to the editor.  Talk to your friends, family, co-workers.

Let's all work to stop this intrusive piece of legislation.

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