Thursday, May 15, 2014

Home Through the Looking Glass

I wasn't even gone a week.  My first conversation back in Charleston was with the guy at the car rental desk.  We began with the weather, then to the increase in car accidents and what on earth is going on with that?  Then I told him my premium had gone up, not because I had had an accident but (according to the customer service rep I spoke with) because there are more accidents in my area.  Then on to Costco doing car rentals and car insurance.

At that point the man mumbled something about health insurance.  Apparently he was looking and didn't like what he was going to have to spend, so he decided he wasn't going to do it.  "What if you get sick?" I asked.  "Oh, I'm getting health insurance," he said, "I'm going with the Lindsey Graham -- Tim Scott plan."

Okay, y'all can do a double-take.

When I left here not one week ago, South Carolina was being regaled with TV ads brought to us by a group of right wingnuts calling themselves The American Chemistry Council.  Apparently, the strategy of teaming up the unlikely couple of Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott in a clever ad and then blasting it around the state for a few days has made it a done deal.  Graham and Scott are now our favorite couple.

Now I don't have any idea what the good ole boy behind the counter at the car rental was talking about.  It seems that whenever I try to hang in on a conversation like that it doesn't take much for me to go over my crazy quotient.  Do Graham and Scott really have their own insurance plan?  All I know is my new friend told me he'd happily pay the fine for not enrolling in "that Obamacare."

Back when I hadn't been down here that long I would have gotten angry.  I might have tried to argue, or I might have just glared and walked away.  But I've been living here some 15 years.  I laughed and told him, "It sure is good to be back home," and walked away.

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