Tuesday, November 25, 2014

At Least Make It a Good Excuse!

A few days ago, I naively posted on Target's Facebook page that "Target should be closed on Thanksgiving so that employees can enjoy the holiday with their families."  I wondered if Target would take down the posting.  But no need.  A couple of days later, by email I was informed of the following comments:

"I'm shopping Thanksgiving."

"Why do (sic) care if they open or not?  It's their business."

and the ever popular:

"Some people actually want to work."

At least Facebook Target shoppers remained civil.  Maybe that barrier would have been crossed if I had been arguing against opening at whatever wee hours on Black Friday.

In retrospect, I am surprised and glad that my posting only elicited those three comments.  I was disappointed that not a single Target fan posted that they were happy to wait till Friday to shop so that employees could take the day off.  Anyway, in the interest of raising the level of discourse, I would like to make a few suggestions to others tempted to defend the practice of shopping on this family holiday.  I would like to suggest that the excuse at least be kept in line with the spirit of Thanksgiving.  For example:

"My employer pays me so little that I would be unable to buy my family presents if I didn't shop those Thanksgiving Day sales."


"I work seven days a week and getting Thanksgiving off is the only chance I will have to shop for Christmas."


"I am not really shopping; I am spreading goodwill to the unfortunates who are employed by (state name of mean-spirited company)."

I truly hope you will stay away from the Thanksgiving Grinches on the holiday, and maybe even on the curious but aptly named "Black Friday."  Spend the day with family and friends, or by helping those in need.  Spend the day alone reading a good book, watching a football game, taking a brisk walk on the beach, catching up on sleep.

There really is no television or computer sale that is worth taking people away from what was once known as the last commercial free holiday... or was that Halloween?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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