Tuesday, May 26, 2015

To Legislators: If You Won't Stop the Assault, Then Pay for It

The twenty-week abortion ban, H 3114, which we have all heard far too much about, is making its way back to the House to approve the bill with the Senate amendment which would make exceptions for rape, incest, fetal abnormality or the health of the woman.  Some few are expected to vote no because they balk at the exceptions -- women should carry a pregnancy to term under any circumstances, the more gruesome the better.  But it is very possible that this bill will pass, making the rare 20-week abortion illegal in South Carolina, and imposing hardship on the pregnant woman.  It will also impose draconian regulations, reporting, and burdensome proof upon the physician, with exorbitant penalties for non-compliance.

I wonder who in our government is going to be responsible for this surveillance.  It will entail data collection and monitoring, as well as law enforcement.

This is a bunch that continually repels background checks on gun purchases as a violation of our liberty.  They promoted an anti-Obamacare campaign based on the myth that the ACA would invade our privacy:

These are the people who continue to waste the state's time and money to push through bills that would do exactly what those false Obamacare ads claimed.

So this is my proposal.

If you are going to vote for bills that will add both emotional cost and financial cost to a woman and her family, than let's insist on amendments to that bill that would require the government to pay all costs.  Costs for additional health care for the pregnant woman, and guarantee health care costs for mother and child after the baby is born.  Costs for any emotional hardship to the woman and her family, as well as any financial losses she must endure because she has been forced to remain pregnant.  It goes without saying that any costs to maintain a healthy pregnancy, including nutrition, should be borne by the government.

And don't forget the burden on the physician, requiring extensive paperwork to justify their recommendations, and by-the-way, requiring them to give up medical data that has up to now been considered a private trust between woman and doctor.  The state, with its strong beliefs about protecting small business owners, should certainly be willing to give tax breaks to any doctor who is forced to comply with these onerous new regulations.

I think Lee Bright is onto something when he and his fellow cretins flood the Statehouse with variations on the same bill, and insist that time and money be spent to address these bills.  Proponents of healthy families and the rights of doctors to practice unimpeded should have no trouble coming up with amendments to all these bills, as well as new bills that guarantee a woman each individual right that is being threatened by the anti-abortion gang.

Seriously.  Isn't it time our pro-choice, pro-women, pro-family legislators became pro-active rather than continue to try to play whack-a-mole with each piece of outrageous anti-abortion legislation that are thrown at them?

We need to adopt for our own the tagline of those creepy Obamacare ads:

Don't let government play doctor.

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