Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taking Down Planned Parenthood -- Know Your Enemy

The headline from two days ago on Politico was, "Human Tissue Firm Cuts Ties with Planned Parenthood after Videos."  The article also says that the company, Stem Express, is a small biomedical tissue procurement company, does a small amount of business with Planned Parenthood which follows clear and correct ethical guidelines.  The company announced its plan to end ties with PP after being questioned by no less than two congressional committees.

What we hear is a company distancing itself from a potentially bad actor.  What actually happened is a small firm was threatened with congressional inquiries and bad publicity and due to that pressure ended a small, legal and proper business relationship.  That's the part most of us don't hear.

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned the demolition of ACORN.  It turns out that there is more than a passing similarity between the two smear campaigns.  The Daily Beast describes decades' long attempts to attack Planned Parenthood with associates whose paths criss-cross in their nefarious schemes.  James O'Keefe, whose similarly twisted and edited videos took down ACORN, had also had a hand in planned videos with Planned Parenthood as the target.  The bad actor in the current assault is David Daleiden, head of the naturally ironically named Center for Medical Progress, who set up a fake biomedical research corporation as a cover to pose as buyers so that they could tape interviews with Planned Parenthood staff.

And then edited them.

What worked in taking down ACORN appears to be working with Planned Parenthood.  Members of Congress also hard at work investigating Hillary's emails have positively leaped at the opportunity to use false evidence obtained under false pretenses to poison the public and mount pressure to take down Planned Parenthood.  Yesterday I referred to killing the organization with the death by a thousand cuts.  Associates pressured by adverse publicity and backed to the wall by less-than-esteemed members of Congress forced to cut ties with PP.  Media showing over and over the doctored videos, burning the images into the minds of viewers.  And corrupt and evil organizations like the Center for Medical Progress spreading lies to serve its twisted objectives.

If you google Stem Express, that small company that has been caught in the crossfire, you will find along with the search results the following "reviews:"

"This company buys body parts and harvested organs from aborted babies."
"Late term abortions are illegal as well."

"This company it's officers and the company (Planned Parenthood) performing..."

When there are enemies that have spent much of their lives plotting against their warped idea of women's reproductive health services and services created to particularly help the poor, how do we fight back?  When the hate is so visceral and irrational, where does morality and truth get a foothold?  When our political leaders are either part of that rabid mob of bullies or on the other side cringing and hoping to bargain their way to peaceful coexistence, the odds of survival appear to be slim.

As I said yesterday, what it will take will be to be as loud and passionate, as uncompromising, as unrelenting as those who have chosen to be powerful by attacking women, attacking the poor, attacking by lying, and will not ever stop.

When this quote is featured in an article about the outrage over the allegations:
“Unborn babies are being tortured as they’re being sucked out of the woman’s body,” said protester Laurie Hertzberg.
it is hard to believe that we can shout loud enough to be heard.

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