Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nikki Does the State of the Union... Rebuttal

Gods help us, she is seen by those who don't have to live with her as a rising star.  She is attractive and personable, more flirty than Fiorino, but she can turn ugly when she feels the need to slap someone around.  She's our own Governor Nikki Haley.  And the powers that be in the republican party have awarded her the rebuttal to the State of the Union.

We can be sure that she is already trying out her lines.  We know what she is going to say before President Obama has even put pen to paper.  It won't be any different than anything any other republican would say, but she's got the charm and charisma lacking in so many in the GOP (as we say in the South, "she cleans up real nice").

And we can assume this is a tryout for the larger stage.  Maybe VP?  The republicans can take a bow over appearing to have a party open to women, although what Nikki is to women is pretty much what Tim Scott is to blacks, which is, bad news.  With friends like Nikki Haley, we women don't need enemies.

So, since we know what she is going to say, and when she is going to say it, I think the Democratic Party of South Carolina (and all us non-official Democrats) should be armed and ready to rebut the rebuttal.  We need to fire on social media, with tweets at #nikkihaleydoesntspeakforus and posts on Facebook -- and for you young people and techies, all those other social media sites I don't have time to learn.  When you post on Facebook, include @nikkihaley and send a tweet to her twitter page (I think that may be possible...).  And share.  And retweet.  Spread the word, Nikki Haley doesn't speak for us.

My guess is she is likely to talk about guns.  She will talk about Obamacare.  She will talk about fighting ISIS.  It will be about FREEDOM, because it is always about freedom.  And government spending and overreach.

Now freedom and government spending and overreach play right into our hands, because her government wants to control women's health care, and invade the privacy of those of us who look like they aren't... well, white, and prevent the poor from being able to earn a living wage by making unions illegal.

Oh, my, so much to tweet about.

I wish I knew more about social media.  What I do know is that it is a very powerful tool for countering tyranny.  So we here in South Carolina don't have to let @nikkihaley pretend to represent us.

The President's State of the Union will be on Tuesday, January 12, at 9 p.m.  It tends to run an hour or slightly longer.  The rebuttal is thankfully shorter, but in 2015 there were a whole bunch of them.  So far, we only have Nikki.

Let us all know your ideas and let's be ready to roll on January 12.  Because...


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