Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hypocrites on Parade

I have been pretty quiet lately, letting the insanity speak for itself.  But this morning I heard from Mark Sanford, and, well, I just had to share just how bizarre this was.

Mark Sanford, who I believe has been himself keeping a fairly low profile this election season, came out in protest of Hillary being found not guilty of criminal charges.  We all expect the biggest liar in the country to call people liars, but when Mark Sanford contended that that not guilty verdict is "frightening," I did a double-take.  For so many reasons.

Mark Sanford, if you have forgotten (as so many red-blooded South Carolinians apparently have), paid fines of $74,000 for ethics violations, in which he used state funds to pay for travel and misspent campaign money.  We don't really have to go into the sordid affair in which he lied to his wife and sons while he was spending government money to see his gal.  But we should never, ever forget that while he was presumably "hiking the Appalachian Trail," the state of South Carolina was without a leader.  He not only took off to follow his heart and lied about his whereabouts, he left no way to contact him and no one in charge for five days.

Paul Ryan had the gall to call the courageous sit-in by House Democrats a publicity stunt.  It was apparently interfering with real  house business, like the bill that would block limits to financial regulations that would protect our retirement funds from Wall Street sharks.  Even worse than forcing Ryan to call this fake House session during the sit-in just to show who was boss was the fact that these damned Democrats were keeping republicans from beginning their 4th of July recess.  That was truly a shame because the House calendar mandates a whole 111 days of work for 2016.

Meanwhile, folks like Newt Gingrich are stepping up to kiss ass in order to get a piece of the political pie.  I do believe that a Trump/Gingrich ticket would be as close to the candidate being able to look into a mirror as possible, except that Gingrich uses bigger words.  They do both have the narcissism, cruelty and greed thing going on.  Gingrich I believe will actually challenge Trump in the category of deceit and treachery.  They both enjoy calling Hillary a liar in the most absurd terms, much like the posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache that turned up in '08 and the accusations by both that he was born in Kenya.  And they are both incredibly greedy.  I mean, incredibly greedy.  Always wheeling and dealing, book deals, consulting deals -- I don't think Newt sells meat, but he rarely engages in an activity that won't show a profit.  Together, a Trump/Gingrich administration will leave the White House and the American people with nary a silver spoon in the cutlery drawer.

The insincere bombast of Newt Gingrich will cause us all to miss the zany brainlessness of Sarah Palin.

I know I am merely scratching the surface of sleazy hypocrites in this post, but there is only so much time, and so many, many hypocrites.  So finally, I turn to the legacy of Henry Hyde.   There is a push these days from our women's rights leaders to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which was sponsored by Representative Henry Hyde in 1973 and prohibits Medicaid funding of abortion.  This was just the beginning as it was followed by a number of other prohibitions on government funding of abortion services.  Remember Henry Hyde?  He was the family values guy that was all revved up to impeach Bill Clinton when it surfaced that he had had a lengthy extramarital affair when he was serving in the Illinois legislature.  The Newt Gingrich House rejected his offer to step down from the Judiciary Committee that was investigating impeachment, and he went on to serve in the House for many more years.  It will give me great pleasure to see his hateful amendment repealed.

Unlike Hyde who at least offered to resign his post, these characters today, they are unable to be shamed.  Calling Hillary dangerous and a liar while they have their dirty secrets and flaunt their dirtier public lives.  Pretending to care about women's health and gun violence while serving only those masters that might get them re-elected.

I believe that the state of falsehood in our politicians is so ballsy, so egregious, that it is absurd.  You would have to laugh, but alas, Jon Stewart is no longer here to help us find the humor.

What we can do, however, is fact-checked every damned thing these creeps say, including the weather and what day it is.  The situation has become so blatant, I am happy to say, that even many of the more level headed on the other side are seeing the Risk in voting "R."  But when you hear falsehoods often enough, and from enough different people, it becomes harder to see the truth.  That is why you need to remember where they come from.  And next time Mark Sanford goes on about Hillary, ask him how safe South Carolina was when he was hiking his paramour.

I would like to leave you with this amazing tribute to "the Newt" by the Austin Lounge Lizards.



  1. Sanford is in an odd place these days. Eventually the Trump / Tea Partiers will take his job from him.

  2. Our whole society and its "leaders" have become irredeemably corrupt. Sanford is just a symptom.